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I went to this place tonight and I was highly appalled at the customer service I received. I think because my family and I were black or from America, or both, the representative displayed a very nasty attitude towards us. I asked the representative if I could have duck and soy sauce with my food. He reaponded back saying it would cost 1.20 in pounds. Who charges for sauce? This was shocking to me. Also, utensils were not provided with our orders. How did he expect for us to eat our food. When this was brought to his attention, the representative tried to put the blame on us and asked why we didn't ask for it. Ummm, common sense would tell you we can't eat the food with our hands idiot. The representative then proceeded to go on a continous rant saying this is not America. It was shocking and disgusting the way he was talking. Maybe he had a bad experience prior but that's no reason to treat your customers in such a negative manner. I advise the representaive be trained on how to provide good customer service and not act like a child.

America-2017-08-25 22:47:46

This place never lets me down. Food is good value for money.

Eliza-2017-08-24 20:58:38

What a delicious meal. Everything was superb and so tasty!! We asked for our Ho Fun noodles to be hot & spicy and they were incredible (just what we wanted). Thank you for a wonderful meal.

Vanessa-2017-05-06 19:54:08

fast delivery

CK-2016-07-08 21:44:19

vrey nice food

jass-2016-07-06 21:16:23

Dish was tasty, not too bad!


Would definitely order again!




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